Poznań (lat.Posnania, germ. Posen) - a town located in western Poland, in Wielkopolska Lake District, at the confluence of the Warta and Cybina. The historical capital of Wielkopolska. The fifth most populous city in Poland (560 thousand Residents) together form a 800 thousand Agglomeration. Poznań was one of the centers of the capital and religious state of the Piast X to XIII century, in the past was the seat of Polish kings.

There is one of the oldest cities in Poland invested - the town rights in 1253, in Poznan Cathedral are buried in the first Polish rulers - Mieszko I and Boleslaw the Brave. Poznań is an academic, scientific and cultural center. In 26 universities are studying together 139 thousand people. In the city work: opera, philharmonic orchestra, ballet, theaters, cinemas, museums, art galleries, orchestras and folk ensembles.

The city is a center of industry, commerce, logistics and tourism. In the Old Market Square is the town hall, and above it rises the Royal Castle. Poznan became the symbol of goats, that daily gore on the Poznan City Hall tower, to the delight of tourists. The grand edifice towers over the Market, surrounded by historic buildings, many of which have their own stories and legends.

The oldest part of Poznan is the Cathedral Island, there are the oldest cathedral in the country which is the burial place of the first Polish rulers. Places to complete a number of historic churches, Art Nouveau buildings, monuments.

Every year, held in Poznan, a number of festivals, fairs, events, these include among others: Kaziuk (March), Days of Uhlan (April), Midsummer Fairs (June), Tress Magdalene (July), National Festival of Good Taste (August ) Pyrlandii Days (September), Franciscan Fairs (September), Bread Day (September), Name Street Saint Martin (November) and Bethlehem Poznan (December).

Preserved in Poznan on 15 forts built by the Germans in the nineteenth century. Function here Poznan International Fair - the largest and oldest exhibition center in Poland. Poznan is a city called “green city” because green areas occupy a total of 27% of the city. Showcase of the city are recreational areas around Lake Malta.

The city has an international airport Poznań-Ławica. Poznan is one of the host cities for the UEFA European Football Championship Euro 2012.